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Mousetrap Racing Car Kits

  • Single Mousetrap Car Kit
    Item #: MID-100
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  • Mousetrap Car Classpack (12)
    Item #: MID-150
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Features die cut parts from Micro-lite Plywood for lasting durability.


How can a mousetrap power a vehicle? What is friction and how can it be managed? How is energy stored? How is speed calculated? Your students will "build the answers" with our line of mousetrap racing car kits. Student will learn faster and retain more with hands-on activities that challenge all their senses. Designed, manufactured and refined with care based on years of classroom testing and teacher input. Complete illustrated teacher's guides with learning exercises and background information are included with each kit.

We designed our classic kit form Mousetrap Racer for students ready to try the construction and operation of their first mousetrap race car (recommended for 4th grade and up). Our robust design features die cut parts from Micro-lite Plywood for lasting durability, and detailed instructions for each student.

Our Classpacks include enough materials to build 12 mousetrap racers with the following features:

  • Mousetraps (power supply)
  • Die-cut chassis and body parts
  • Die-cut plywood wheels
  • Die-cut balsa tires
  • Rubber bands (tire treads)
  • Dowels (axles)
  • String (transmission)
  • Brass eyelets (axle bearings)
  • 12 instruction sheets and a teacher's manual

You will need to provide sandpaper, straight pins, masking tape, waxed paper, and glue.

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