5eBoard Mastering Arduino Hardware and Software for Students

5eBoard Mastering Arduino Hardware and Software for Students

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With step-by-step instructions, this all-in-one DIY kit allows students to understand and use the principles of both Arduino hardware and software to design their own projects. Students will learn how to build Arduino-based hardware such as a UNO-like microcontroller circuit board, an Arduino controllable 5x5 LED display, and many other devices. They'll also learn how to write Arduino programs to control these devices. Ideal for use in a makerspace or as a DIY gift for students and hobbyists ages 12+. Includes all electronic components; no soldering required.

Section 1 The Arduino Hardware and Software Platform
Section 2 ATmega328 Microcontroller
Section 3 Construct an Arduino Circuit Board
Section 4 Introduction to Arduino Programming
Section 5 Create Arduino Projects
Section 6 Arduino Programmable 5x5 LED Display
Section 7 Use Arduino Library to Program the 5x5 LED Display

Materials Included in the Kit:
(1) One 5eBoard Professional Kit
(2) More than 50 electronic components (resistors, capacitors, LEDs, diodes, oscillators, switches,...)
(3) One ATmega328 microcontroller with bootloader installed
(4) One FTDI232 USB-TTL Serial Adapter for programming
(5) One Mini-B USB cable
(6) One battery holder with switch
(7) Dupont jumpers and connection wires (uncut)
(8) Instruction manual (online download), including commonly used code libraries.

Required tools and supplies (not included):
(1) A wire stripper/cutter; (2) Four AAA (or AA) batteries