Magdeburg Vacuum Plates with pump

Magdeburg Vacuum Plates with pump

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When a simple hand pump is used to evacuate these Magdeburg plates, about 140 pounds of force are needed to separate them. Place a folded dollar bill inside and offer it to any student who can pull apart the plates. A Super! Wow! Neat!® way to demonstrate atmospheric pressure! Students can measure the area of the rings and predict the force needed to separate the plates based on the atmospheric pressure. The plates are made from high impact resistant polycarbonate and come with three different sized O-rings.

Also Available: GAS-145
These smaller 30 ml syringes are perfect for use with our Microscale Vacuum Apparatus (VAC-10) or Basic Gas Collecting Kit (GAS-300), especially for students with limited hand strength. It will take more strokes to achieve the same results as the 60 ml syringes, but these syringes provide greater control with less effort.

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