LightUp Edison Kit

LightUp Edison Kit

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These innovative kits allows kids to build their own real-world projects and wirelessly program them from a tablet. As they experiment, they're not only learning about science and engineering, they're also building confidence in their problem-solving abilities. Drag-and-drop code blocks and guided tutorials make it easy for young engineers and innovators to design exciting projects. Detailed instructions and sample projects available online.

This is STEM at its best! It's a simple, three-step process:

  • Build: snap together magnetic blocks to build your circuit
  • Learn: use the app to review your circuit and adjust any mistakes until the electricity flows
  • Code: connect your circuit with a tablet and program it to do anything!

EDISON KIT: It's easy to understand how electronics and technology work with these magnetic snap blocks. Create a light sensor, buzzer, Morse code beeper, and more. Includes rechargeable battery, red LED, buzzer, light sensor, momentary switch, 50K variable resistor, six wire blocks, and micro USB cable.