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Kodak Style Film Canisters

  • Kodak Style Film Canisters - 10 Pack
    Item #: CAN-375
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  • Kodak Style Film Canisters - 40 Pack
    Item #: CAN-380
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Opaque film canisters for experiments and sample storage.


These opaque, black film canisters are perfect for a number of classroom uses. We use them for our Piezo Poppers. They are good for any experiment where it's important to not see the contents inside, or where light air pressure is needed. Use them to store small samples, especially anything that should not be exposed to light.

Note: For making film canister rockets, we recommend our Rocket Film Canisters
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black film canisters
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 26, 2023
Thank you for making these available! I have designed an optics experiment that requires the opaque black cup base, which is soft enough to puncture two small holes for electrical connections. I use the gray caps for a different experiment, where a hole is punctured off center in the cap to attach to a small motor. This makes the motor oscillate a string to make wave patterns.
Connie Wells

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