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Kids Making Sense Air Quality Small Group Kit (without phones)

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Our air quality kit for 5-10 students (no phones included)


Kids Making Sense® Air Quality Kits teach students how to measure air pollution using low-cost air quality sensors, interpret the data they collect, and take action to reduce emissions and exposure to air pollution.

Note: This version of the kit is best for teachers whose students can use personal cell phones to install the free AirCasting app, or who have classroom access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled tablets that can download the app. We provide specific steps for how to download and configure the app. If you would prefer a kit that includes preconfigured Android smartphones with app installed and configured, please see the alternate kit option.

Our kit for groups of 5-10 students includes everything you need to run the program in a small class. Kits are reusable, and teachers only need to purchase a few consumables once the included supplies have been used up.

Here is what is included in the kit:
  • Materials for hands-on science activities
    • Lung Volume Measurement
      • Tubing, graduated cylinders
    • Particle Capture Experiment
      • Index cards, tape, jeweler's loupes
    • Regulatory Particle Measurement Simulation Experiment
      • Hand-held vacuum, filters, rubber bands, bags, balance
  • 3 cloud-connected particle sensors
  • Teacher's Guide and Student Workbooks (printed and digital versions included) *Available in English and Spanish!*
  • Access to the web-based data map
  • Support via email and phone
  • Optional add-on: Video chat with an air quality scientist
  • Optional: Teacher training is available

The curriculum and modules cover:
  • Our Air and Pollution
  • Particle Pollution
  • Particle Sources
  • Health Effects of Particles
  • Measuring Particles
  • Field Measurements (air sensor module)
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Community Engagement

Note: For groups or class sizes with 10 or more students, we recommend our Classroom Kits. Ask us about bulk discounts.

The table below lists the topics covered in the curriculum, the activities associated with each module, time needed, the areas of focus, and the Next Generation Science Standard and Common Core standard alignment.


This product does not qualify for free shipping.


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