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Kidnapped! The Case of Jason Worth

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Analyze blood, fibers, handwriting, and fingerprints.


A missing heir. Money, power, and mystery. What happened to Jason Worth? Students will analyze blood, fibers, handwriting, and fingerprints as they work at solving this engaging whodunit. Kit contains enough materials for students in three classes of 24 to conduct the same tests as a real forensics team. This kit presents a compelling scenario that relates to biology, chemistry, and physics - tied together with all the intrigue and excitement of an actual criminal case! Grades 5-college.

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 13, 2019
There are good and bad things with this lab, (sadly, more bad than good). The good: it encompasses a lot of what my students have learned this semester so they're able to put it all together to solve one crime. The bad: The lab does not come with filter paper or enough plastic slides, crayons and toothpicks. That I can live with, though. What I can't get past is the number of errors in the paperwork. I feel like I need to rewrite some of the pages to take out the errors. I find this shocking. Where are the standards? Just because it's science doesn't mean grammar should be sacrificed. In two of the labs, it gives instructions that don't exist in the paperwork. One page says to use one of the suspect's rap sheets. There is no rap sheet. Another page says to use the ink sample from the envelope. There is no envelope, only the pipettes with ink. I'm able to make this work for my students, however, to make it work, it requires a lot of extra prep time that wasn't expected. If I didn't like the concept so much, I would have returned the lab.
Owner Response: Thank you for your honest comments, Jocelyn. Someone from customer service will reach out to you today. We already have a call in to the manufacturer.

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