Infra-Red Thermometer

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Infra-Red Thermometer

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Item #: IR-100

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Simply Point and Press. These amazing thermometers measure the temperature of an object without ever touching it. The temperature is instantly shown on a digital scale to a fraction of a degree in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

IR Thermometers determine temperature by measuring the black body radiation given off by substances above absolute zero. Black body radiation is a function of both the temperature and the emissivity of an object. The instrument is set for an emissivity of 0.95 which is common for objects other than metals or shiny surfaces. To measure the temperature of a metal requires aiming at a piece of black tape placed on the object.

Because temperature is determined quickly, without direct contact, these thermometers were used to pre-screen travelers to stop the spread of the SARS Virus!

Fun to use!

Easily measure the temperature of:

  • Solids - very difficult with a regular laboratory thermometer!
  • Containers of liquids
  • Food & coffee in restaurants
  • Surface temperature of living animals
  • Sealed terrariums

Record temperature without changing it - No need for a heat capacity of thermometer calculation.

IR Thermometers are extremely safe! They avoid the hazardous glass, mercury, or alcohol found in regular laboratory thermometers.

Model #



-22 to + 110oC



Response Time

1 second


0.95 fixed

Battery Life

40 hours continuous use


CR2032 (included)




71 x 47 x 17 mm


32 grams including battery