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Invitations to Science Inquiry - by Tik Liem

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More than 400 discrepant events to interest and motivate students.


The famous Dr. Tik L. Liem lives on in this amazing collection of more than 400 discrepant events to interest and motivate students in learning science.

Each page contains a list of the materials needed, a sketch, a points-wise, questions to ask, and an explanation. Emphasis is placed on the use of simple, easily acquired materials. Many of the activities are counter-intuitive, challenging the students to develop new ways of thinking. Perfect for all grades, elementary-college. Paperback, 467 pages.

"Your book is the best we have in the school system now. Because of your book I've been a hero in many Graduate Science Activity Courses." - Russ Harding, Science Teacher

"This is one of the best science resources ever written." - Ron Perkins, retired Science teacher

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