5eBoard How to Make LED Lights Blink

5eBoard How to Make LED Lights Blink

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Incorporating LEGO-like approaches of using flexible building blocks to build electronic projects has made teaching electronics to K-12 students possible and fun. With step-by-step instructions and discussions, this DIY kit is an ideal STEM and makerspace material for elementary and middle school students.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used for a variety of applications, for example, signal indicators and decorative lights. This DIY project teaches students how to use a two-transistor circuit to control LEDs in different ways. In practice, this circuit can be used to make safety signals for bicycles or night walkers, or holiday lights such as the blinking eyes of a pumpkin. The knowledge learned through this project can be easily extended to other LED circuits.

Level: beginning
Age: 8 or older

  • No soldering is involved; all parts can be repeatedly used by different users or projects
  • Based on real-world components – knowledge gained can be extended to college and beyond
  • Advanced science and engineering concept made easy to understand and fun to apply
  • Includes all components and instruction materials

Materials Included in the Kit:
(1) 5eBoard standard Kit; (2) All electronic components and connection wires; (3) An instruction manual (online download).

Required tools and supplies (not included):
A wire stripper/cutter; two AAA (or AA) batteries

Short Description:
  • Level: beginning (age 8 or older)
  • No soldering is involved
  • Include all electronic components
  • Step-by-step instructions and discussions