Hovercraft Class Kit

Hovercraft Class Kit

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Item #: AIR-520
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The principle behind the Hovercraft's levitation is that when the air is released from the balloon, the air hits the ground and rushes outward in all directions. The air flowing from the balloon through the holes forms a layer of air between the Hovercraft and the table. This reduces the friction (the resistance that occurs when two objects rub against each other) that would have existed if the Hovercraft rested directly on the table. With less friction, your Hovercraft scoots across the table.

This kit includes everything you need to make your own balloon Hovercrafts, including one dozen pre-drilled film canisters, one dozen balloons, one dozen CDs, one strip of poster putty, and assembly instructions. Instructions can also be seen in our short video. Colors may vary.

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