Hoberman Switch Pitch Ball

Hoberman Switch Pitch Ball - Single

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Item #: HOB-300

Pair of Hoberman Switch Pitch Balls

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Item #: HOB-315
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Toss the ball in the air and watch the colors magically flip! These fascinating balls transform back and forth between two colors. Amazing!!! Colors may vary. Chemistry teachers - for a great Activation Energy Demo, see the Pair of Switch Pitch Balls listed below.

Pair of Switch Pitch Balls:

Gently toss one in the air without spin and notice no change. Repeat with increasing energy until a change occurs. A beautiful lesson in activation energy! Point out the activated complex. Show the difference between translational and rotational energy. Use to demonstrate the activation energy needed for a reaction when two particles collide. Relate to the Arrhenius equation: k=Ae-Ea/RT. Demonstrate isomerization.

Lesson plans (included with pair) offer suggestions on teaching chemistry from middle school to graduate p-chem courses.

Includes two Switch Pitch balls with the same color combination and lesson plans.