Growing Frogs (Pack of 30)

Growing Frogs (Pack of 30)

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This bright green critter starts out 4 cm (1.5") long but swells up to more than twice its size when placed in water for 8-10 hours. When removed from water, your slippery amphibian will slowly shrink back to its original size as it dehydrates.

A wonderful tool for investigating concepts like mass, volume, surface area, absorption of different concentrates, and more. Perfect for even the youngest scientists. Tap water with a high mineral content may inhibit your frog's absorption and growth. Use distilled water for best results.

TIP: To further explore how variables can alter the results of an experiment, submerge your frog in something other than water - carbonated soda, a solution made with vinegar or dissolved sugar, or other liquids.

Our nontoxic, environmentally safe polymer can be thrown in the trash or crumbled up and added to soil to retain moisture for growing plants. Keep out of direct sunlight, as UV radiation will degrade the polymer. As in nature, not all of our frogs are perfect - a few may have subtle abnormalities. Enjoy the diversity of nature.

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