Giant Pumice

Giant Pumice

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Pumice Samples - 25 Pack

Pumice Samples - 25 Pack

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This is it. The largest volcanic Pumice sample we have ever seen... and they still float! In fact, during the spring thaw in the mountains of Oregon, you can see these huge pieces of pumice floating down the rivers! A strange sight indeed. This stuff makes a great density demonstration -- one your students will remember for a long time. Totally cool! These are a naturally occurring item. Size and shape are dependent on availability and will vary.

Use with our Super Dense Wood Samples for a fun and thought provoking lesson; the rock that floats with the wood that sinks!

Also available: Pumice Samples 25 Pack - Your class will erupt with excitement as each student explores and observes the product of an actual volcano. Pumice is a lightweight igneous rock, formed when lava cools quickly above Earth's surface and traps gases before the molten material solidifies. As a result, it contains so many air holes that it floats in water!

Note: Pumice is a naturally occurring material. It is normal for it to be soft and dusty. This will clean off with use.