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Fossilworks Fossil Molding Kit

SKU #FSL-250
Backordered until 9/11/2024
*Backordered: 9/11/2024
Students can cast their own fossil replicas. One of our favorites!


This award winning kit is one of our favorites! With this kit, students can cast their own fossil replicas. It comes with six high-quality, reusable seamless rubber molds (ammonite, crinoid, trilobite, cave bear tooth, shark tooth, and raptor claw), four pounds of PerfectCast casting medium (enough to cast 2 each of the 6 fossils), extensive background information on each fossil and suggested exercises for students. The molds are high quality and will be able to reproduce replica fossils hundreds of times. This kit won the Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award for outstanding educational kit... and we agree!

Note that the molds included with this kit are different than our individual molds in that they are single-sided with a flat bottom for easy display and painting. Introduce the Earth's history in a thrilling fashion with authentic fossil replicas your students can actually take home! Approx. 3"-5" long each.
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geologic time extinctions
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 29, 2014
I am teaching two classes involving fossils and the molds will allow the learners to have a touchable object for their projects
Mary-Anne Richards

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Excellent molds
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 22, 2012
I use these as a lab to talk about types of fossils in my HS evolution unit. I find that the crinoid is super delicate, however after it drys and is out of the mold, if the stem breaks, super glue it and then spray paint them with either metallic or textured spray paint. I also have kids put a small piece of paper with their name, period and spray paint color choice, and i and my TA"s do the spray paint and super gluing and kids get their casts the next day. The casting plaster works really well both with these molds and in the field.
Dawn Fregosa

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