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Fizz-Wizard & Jammin' Jelly Kit

  • Fizz-Wizard & Jammin' Jelly CLASS KIT
    Item #: CK-365
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Chemistry experiments you can eat!


Chemistry experiments you can eat. Make soda pop; make it change colors. Pull tasty jelly things from a solution. Make Polymer Pudding. Learn about chemical solutions, acid/base reactions, indicators, pH, and gels. Contains: Color Crystals (red cabbage extract), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, calcium acetate, sodium alginate, pipet, spoon, small scoops, cups and instructions. Food grade ingredients. Ages 8+ with adult supervision. Contains enough for a five station classroom setup that can be repeated approximately three times.

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What a fun kit!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 23, 2012
I used this kit in my Ooey Gooey science class and my students (Homeschoolers - elementary age)LOVED it! We were able to use this kit for 3 weeks of lessons (45 mins each week) and I could have spread it out and had one more week! The supplies were enough for 30 students working in pairs (I know... I didn't think there would be enough! I even have left overs... amazing)The kit come with everything you need except some simple household products. The documentation that comes with helps guide each experiment and includes all the answers to "whys" the students will want to know. I would highly recommend!
Donna Brown

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