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Expose, Excite, Ignite: An Essential Guide to Whizz-Bang Chemistry by Carl Ahlers

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Just when you thought you have seen it all...


Just when you thought you have seen it all... a book like this comes along and turns your science classes upside down. It's here - the flaming activities they never mentioned at the Chemistry Faculty or banned from your chemistry set.

In this one book you will get the explanations, the practical show-how, the safety issues, and extension ideas to take your students to the next level. This is not a chemistry recipe book. It is a practical chemistry revelation. No boring recipes on making fizzy volcanic mountains (yawn) - this stuff sizzles.

The author focused on the triple S concept: All activities are SIMPLE, reasonably SAFE (hey, this is about combustion) and oh so SPECTACULAR. You'll get step-by-step instructions and photos and all can easily be implemented in your classroom and lab - instant student engagement. Paperback, 119 pages.

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