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  • 227 g. of Envirobond
    227 g. of Envirobond
    Item #: ENV-120
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  • 454 g. of Envirobond
    454 g. of Envirobond
    Item #: ENV-125
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Absorbs and molecularly bonds with hydrocarbons and repels water.


Envirobond is a unique long chain polymer that is hydrocarbon specific. It will only absorb and molecularly bond with hydrocarbons while repelling any water. No mixing required. Works with lubricating oils, vegetable oil, diesel, gasoline, etc.

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Science Teacher
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 19, 2015
Unfortunately this product took two days to absorb the oil in the pans. Not two hours. It was interesting to the students but I could not use it during the activity.
Owner Response: Our apologies. This product is typically very good. Someone from customer service will contact you to see what might have gone wrong and to make things right.

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