Dropper Popper

1 Dropper Popper and 2 Ping Pong Balls

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Item #: POP-107

Dropper Popper

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Item #: POP-100

2 Dropper Poppers and 10 Ping Pong Balls

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Item #: POP-112

20 Dropper Poppers and 40 Ping Pong Balls

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Item #: POP-124
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A Dropper Popper is more than just half of a rubber ball. This incredible device seemingly defies the laws of physics by bouncing higher than where you dropped it! Requires a small amount of "activation energy" to work. It is molded into a very special shape that allows it to store elastic potential energy and then convert it to kinetic energy with a POP when dropped from a low height. An engaging activity for any physics or chemistry class! 5.7 cm (2.25") diameter.

Try This:
Have your students experience the difference between gravitational and elastic potential energy. Invert a Dropper Popper, place a ping pong ball inside the cavity, and drop the Popper onto a hard surface with the ping pong ball on top... Be sure to wear goggles and have a high ceiling, or better yet, no ceiling at all! Estimate how high the ball travels. Change the height of the drop and determine if the height the ping pong ball travels is based more on gravitational or elastic potential energy.

Note: Please store your poppers in a cool, dry place in their original (non-activated) shape. If stored in activation mode, the rubber will stretch and the popper's effectiveness will be reduced.

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