Double Hand Spinners

Double Hand Spinners

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Item #: PHY-270

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25 Pack of Neodymium Magnets

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Item #: M-187
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Do fidget spinners really teach anything? You bet they do! Our Double Hand Spinners offer more teachable physics - at such a reasonable price - than almost anything we've seen. Start by using a single spinner to discuss all three of Newton's Laws. Then attach the spinners together and observe how their contra-rotational motion can cancel out angular momentum. Go even further and add the six neodymium magnets (included) to the spinners' arms to open up an exciting new area of exploration involving magnetic forces - both attraction and repulsion. Your students will be riveted by this memorable, unique demonstration. Includes two spinners, a connector, six neodymium ring magnets, and lesson. Colors and styles may vary.

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