Dash & Dot Wonder Pack

Dash & Dot Wonder Pack

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Item #: ROB-830
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Our most popular option! The Wonder Pack includes all our best-selling accessories for endless hours of STEM fun. No instructions needed! Dash & Dot come fully assembled, no batteries required.

The Wonder Pack includes:

  • one Dash robot
  • one Dot robot
  • Accessories Pack (with a bulldozer bar, bunny ears, bunny tail, and tow hook)
  • Building Brick Connector Pack (4 Lego®-compatible brick connectors)
  • Dash Xylophone with mallet

Dash's advantages over the competition:

  • Detect objects in front (left and right), and in the rear (using its 3 proximity sensors)
  • Know when people speak - and determine the direction of voice. (using its 3 microphones)
  • Dash can detect when it is being moved - using the encoders in its two wheels.
  • Dash knows the accurate pan and tilt angles of its head, using 2 potentiometers.
  • Dash knows when it is being picked up, or put down, or turned upside down - using its accelerometer.
  • Dash can make accurate turns, enabling effective lesson plans in the classrooms - using its gyro and encoders together.
  • Dash can detect if it is stalled or stuck.
  • Dash can record any physical motion, and play that back - using the encoders and potentiometers.
  • Dash can detect other robots - Dash and Dot, using the beacon sensor in its eye. Dash has 4 beacons in its collar, advertising its identity. This sensor is used for multi-robot play.