Dash & Dot School Pack

Dash & Dot School Pack

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The perfect pack for all the teachers in your school to share! No instructions needed! Dash & Dot come fully assembled, no batteries required.

The School Pack includes:

  • 20 Dash robots
  • 20 Dot robots
  • 10 Accessories Packs (each one with a bulldozer bar, bunny ears, bunny tail, tow hook and – for a limited time – a free smartphone mount)
  • 10 Building Brick Connector Packs (4 Lego®-compatible brick connectors)
  • five Dash Xylophones with mallets
  • five Curriculum Subscriptions

Use an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to your voice. Program Dot to be a magic Dot ball, a light sword, or whatever else you can imagine!

Dash's advantages over the competition:
  • Detect objects in front (left and right), and in the rear (using its 3 proximity sensors)
  • Know when people speak - and determine the direction of voice. (using its 3 microphones)
  • Dash can detect when it is being moved - using the encoders in its two wheels.
  • Dash knows the accurate pan and tilt angles of its head, using 2 potentiometers.
  • Dash knows when it is being picked up, or put down, or turned upside down - using its accelerometer.
  • Dash can make accurate turns, enabling effective lesson plans in the classrooms - using its gyro and encoders together.
  • Dash can detect if it is stalled or stuck.
  • Dash can record any physical motion, and play that back - using the encoders and potentiometers.
  • Dash can detect other robots - Dash and Dot, using the beacon sensor in its eye. Dash has 4 beacons in its collar, advertising its identity. This sensor is used for multi-robot play.