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Cricket Kickers

  • Cricket Kicker - Cotton Candy
    Cricket Kicker - Cotton Candy
    Item #: BUG-755
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  • Cricket Kicker - Jalapeno Garlic
    Cricket Kicker - Jalapeno Garlic
    Item #: BUG-760
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  • Cricket Kicker - Orange Creamsicle
    Cricket Kicker - Orange Creamsicle
    Item #: BUG-765
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  • Cricket Kicker - White Cheddar
    Cricket Kicker - White Cheddar
    Item #: BUG-770
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Everybody gets a kick out of eating crickets!


Everybody gets a kick out of eating crickets! Need a reason to snack on one of four roasted cricket flavors? They're healthy, they're good for the environment... and they're delicious! Crickets contain more protein than beef or salmon and they're an excellent source of fiber. Today, 80% of the world eats insects, so what are you waiting for? Whether you like sweet or savory, we've got a cricket flavor for you! Approx. 10 grams each.

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