Crazy Circuits

Crazy Circuits Starter Pack

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Crazy Circuits Deluxe Kit

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Crazy Circuits Makerspace Kit

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1/4 inch Nylon Conductive Tape (5 meters)

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Crazy Circuits are a creative, budget-friendly way to teach electronics and much more. These Lego®-based modular electronics kits make learning about electronic circuitry as easy as building with plastic blocks! Can't solder? No problem! All Crazy Circuit materials are designed to work with any conductive material and can be sewn, snapped, or stuck to many different surfaces. They work perfectly with conductive tapes for paper crafts, conductive threads for e-textile sewing, conductive inks and paints for artwork, or even plain old alligator clips or paper clips. Whether you're looking for MakerSpace materials, open-ended STEM tools, or just something fun to do, Crazy Circuits brings it all together.

Crazy Circuits Starter Pack

The Crazy Circuits Starter Pack is perfect for anyone looking to light up a project quickly. It contains 18 components in a sturdy plastic organizer case. Easily add lights and switches to your next LEGO® project using nylon conductive tape! Add festive LEDs to your shirt with conductive thread! Use the blink-and-fade board to program cool lighting effects. The Starter Pack includes a slide switch, a blink-and-fade board, 16 feet of conductive thread, 16 feet of nylon conductive tape, five jumbo LEDs, five mini LEDs, two coin cell battery holders, a pack of five coin cell batteries, and a brick base plate.

Crazy Circuits Deluxe Pack

Learn simple programming with the Crazy Circuits Deluxe Pack. This pack is perfect for the creator/maker who wants to make interactive projects, create custom code, add motion, and much more. The Deluxe Pack contains 43 awesome components in a sturdy plastic organizer case - including our super fun Crazy-Duino board and Crazy-Touch programming board. Powered by the Teensy LC board, the Crazy-Touch board offers 11 capacitive touch output pins as well as the raw processing power to handle multiple sensor inputs--including audio. Use some of the pre-programmed sketches to create your own touch-sensitive synthesizer or light-up project.