Conceptual Physics Alive-The San Francisco Years

Conceptual Physics Alive-The San Francisco Years: Volume 1

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The parents of today's physics students may have either attended or seen films of these lectures!!! At Greenwich High School we had the entire set and our students loved them! -Ron Perkins

This set of DVDs, contains 12 of Paul's earliest lectures, captured at a time when more than 1,000 students per semester attended his elective course-as relevant today as it was then. Many consider these as some of his very best lectures! In addition to Paul's lectures, which may be viewed with subtitled captions for the hearing impaired, are More Goodies, which include Bed of Nails and Bonds' Best Hits (multiple sledgehammer hits on Pablo Robinson sandwiched between beds of nails, followed by multiple homerun hits by baseball player Barry Bonds), Classroom Demonstrations in Physics, Paul's demos narrated by Craig Dawson, and Teaching Conceptual Physics by David Vasques, who dissects Paul's teaching techniques. Another goodie is Fusion Torch and Ripe Tomatoes, an opening lecture of Paul speculating on future technology. All lectures and goodies are enjoyable and instructive. (12 hours running time.)