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Clean Water Science Kit

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Learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water.


Help to save the environment. Learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting interesting water purification experiments. Build your own water filtration and desalination plant at your table top: disinfect water with solar power and more. It's a cool water science experimental kit.

You will be amazed to see how water can be cleaned and filtered using natural materials. It is a great way to explain why many faster moving streams contain clean water. This personal water filtration kit also demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water. A great demo for the classroom, a rainy day science activity, or the basis for a science fair experiment.

Contains four filter sections, four filter plugs, round filter base, three bags of active carbon, three bags of sand, three bags of gravel, three filter paper, funnel-shaped collector, small plastic cup, soft wax, fishing line, transparent tube, two transparent caps, silver reflector.


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