Chemistry Bits

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Complete Set of 14 Chemistry Bits

Complete Set of 14 Chemistry Bits

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Fourteen Super! Wow! Neat!® individually packaged chemistry projects perfect for project work, after school programs, and home schooling. Each kit includes several activities and experiments, enough materials for several trials, and a booklet with instructions and concepts. Ages 8+ with adult supervision.

  • Polarity of Water - Make a stream of water bend. See how many drops of water can fit on the surface of a penny.
  • PVA Slime Kit - Make a strange state of matter that will flow, bounce break, and re-form, and learn about the chemistry behind it.
  • Quantum Leap - Add the glow powder to glue or paint and make them glow-in-the-dark. Learn how to make a glowing glue ball and the chemistry behind phosphorescence, a real quantum leap.
  • Magic Color Crystals - Make foaming color changing drinks. Learn about acid-base indicators and pH.
  • Crystal Gel - Make crystal gel swell hundreds of times its size. See it appear to disappear. Learn about refraction, polymers, gels, and osmosis.
  • Super Water Absorber - Learn how to do the magic super water slurper trick. Experiment with polymers, gels, and osmosis.
  • Disappearing Ink - It disappears and reappears. Learn about acid-base chemistry and pH.
  • Jelly Things - Make a tasty polymer pudding and juicy orange jelly things. Learn about polymers and gels.
  • Thermochromic Things - See who is hot and who is cool with thermochromic materials.
  • Photochromic Paint - Have fun with photons while experimenting with photochemical reactions.
  • Solar Beads - Make them change colors with sunlight. Make a UV detector. Have fun with photons! And learn about photochemical reactions.
  • Cool Chem-Light - Learn the secrets behind flashing fireflies and make light from a chemical reaction.
  • Magic Sand - Hydrophobic Coated Sand - Make strange underwater structures. Pour the water off and the sand is 'magically dry'. And learn the chemistry behind the magic.
  • The Spectator - Turn white light into spectacular rays of bright colors. Use them to analyze colors and light.