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Chemical Clock "The Water Clock" (Refills only)

  • Replacement Electrodes for Chemical Clock
    Item #: TIM-810
  • Pack of 4 Zinc Electrodes
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Replacement electrodes for the Chemical Clock.


This clock keeps accurate time using energy from a battery that you make. Simply add weird liquids such as soda, fruit juice, diluted ketchup, salt water, etc. to the two containers, insert four metal electrodes, and connect with three wires. Approx. 15 cm (6") wide. (Clock no longer available.)

Note: Only replacement zinc electrodes now available. Pack of 4. (Brass electrodes should not need to be replaced, only cleaned occasionally.)

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Kids loved it!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 16, 2012
The kids had so much fun experimenting with this clock.

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