Cartesian Diversions Class Kit

Cartesian Diversions Class Kit

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Item #: CDK-625

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Cartesian Diversions Class Kit Plus DVD

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Item #: CDK-630
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Ready for a classroom diversion? The Cartesian Diversions Class Kit is a great hands-on way for students to learn about air pressure! Each kit comes with 60 ballast nuts, 60 pipets, one Fizz-Keeper Pump, one sheet of acetate, two feet of coated copper wire, five pipe cleaners, three permanent markers, four feet of fishing line, three sheets of colored craft foam, and two feet of yarn - enough to make 60 divers! Your students will love creatively decorating their divers while learning all about what makes them tick! Includes 42-page instruction booklet.

Also available: Cartesian Diversions Class Kit WITH the Cartesian Diversions DVD. Students will be amazed by Bob Becker's Cartesian Diversions DVD, which highlights the amazing, intricate, and unique Cartesian divers that have made him famous! After watching the DVD, they'll be ready to dive right into making their own!