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Build Your Own Light Bulb Kit (Refill Only)

  • Refill Pack for Light Bulb Kit
    Item #: LIT-125
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Watch as the light bulb finally comes on for your students!


Retrace the steps of Edison and other inventors as you build a working light bulb using the filament materials of your choice. Learn about electricity, light, properties of matter, energy, and the scientific method. Test the effects of vacuum on the life of your bulb. Perform exciting experiments.

This kit is designed to teach concepts of Science, Technology, and History with lessons that are aligned to the National Science Educational Standards as well as the Standards for Technological Literacy. Students learn with hands-on inquiry based experiments as they find out how a light bulb works by retracing the steps of Edison and build their own working light bulb.

Experiments are suited to elementary, middle school, and high school level science and technology classes with extension activities for history and social studies. Teachers or parents may pick and choose the appropriate exercises from the included manual to fit their grade level, subject area, or curriculum focus. Kit can be used by up to four students in the classroom or for one or more students as a science fair experiment.

Accepts a variety of common power sources such as 9-volt (transistor radio) batteries; 6-volt lantern batteries; DC power supplies; and other sources that supply between six and 24 volts DC at one to three amps. See included instructions for details. Be sure to read and follow all included safety information.

Full kit no longer available. Refill kit contains six types of replacement filaments, and two replacement hand air pumps.

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