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Branches of Science (CD) by Leigh Russ

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Integrate music into your Science classroom.


Dedicated to his students in South River Middle School, this CD was made by Leigh Russ to integrate music into the Science classroom. Songs include: Branches of Science, Metrics, The Sun, Movement, Elemental Matter, Water Cycle, Sandy Shores, Oceans Commotion, Interplanetary Space, Scientific Method, and Branches of Science (Refrain).

1. Branches of Science

2. Metrics

3. The Sun

4. Movement

5. Elemental Matter

6. Water Cycle

7. Sandy Shores

8. Oceans Commotion

9. Interplanetary Space

10. Scientific Method

11. Branches of Science (Refrain)
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Amazing Man
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Sep 6, 2021
Mr.Russ was my science teacher in 6th grade. i'm now 21 and still listen to his music. There was never a dull moment with this man and going to his class was always the best part of my day. he made any bad mood fade with his music and beautiful energy. Mr.Russ will always be my favorite teacher for he never let us forget our value to him. If you're reading this Mr.Russ, I want you to know we all love you very much and will always remember the way you touched our hearts with love, care and a great passion for science and music. I hope you're well and hope to numb into you one of these days to thank you in person for all your great doing as a teacher.
Jacklynn Dominguez

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