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Backyard Brains Brain Machine Interface Classroom Bundle

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Up to 30 students can each build their own DIY Neuroprosthetic Cyborg Hands!

Replacement Electrodes Pack of 50

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50 replacement electrodes for Backyard Brains experiment kits.


Brain-Machine Interfaces are devices that, you guessed it, help your brain interface directly with machines in the world around you! By recording from the electrical activity of your nervous system, you can transform those neural signals into instructions for programs and robotics. This Classroom bundle has the hardware to support up 30 students each building their own individual DIY Neuroprosthetic "Cyborg Hands." It also supports four lab stations for other Brain-Machine Interface labs, like the "Muscle Music" Labs. Students can also create their own projects and inventions!

Includes six DIY Neuroprosthetic Kits. This lab is designed with the intent that the student will keep and take-home their cyborg hand after building it. It is not intended for students to disassemble and rebuild. You will get: five foam hands (variety colors), five sheets of balsa wood, five servo motors, five lengths of thread, five pencils, a 9 volt battery with battery leash, and 15 colored straws (colors will vary).

Includes three Muscle SpikerBox Bundles. This kit comes with our assembled Muscle SpikerShield, a USB cable, and an Arduino with pre-loaded code to do our "getting started" demo of controlling a bank of LEDs with your muscle activity. Everything you need right out of the box. Just plug your Muscle SpikerShield into a USB power source such as a computer or battery, and you are ready to go! This bundle comes with 2 different types of electrodes! You get both the ultra fashionable, sticker-patch electrodes that are perfect for large muscle recordings on your arms and legs, and for smaller muscles you'll receive our very fancy, brass popsicle-stick electrodes which are ideal for use with your eyeblink and finger muscles.

Includes one The Claw Bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to start understanding the field of neuroprosthetics with the help of our Muscle SpikerShield, as we've added great additions such preloaded code into the microcontroller to maximize the potential of your experiments! First, stick skin electrodes on the muscles that exhibit contraction and relaxation. Then connect the Claw to the Muscle Spikeshield and then your setup is complete! You can adjust EMG sensitivity readings on the MuscleSpiker Shield to accommodate all types of muscles.

Includes four Music-Interface Cables. 3.5mm Audio to 2 pin out (Grd, Signal)

Includes two extra Large Muscle Electrodes. Diameter: 35.35 mm. Electrode conductive gel built-in. Nonreusable.

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