Brackitz Pulleys & Cranks

Brackitz Pulleys & Cranks

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Item #: CST-330

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Brackitz Education Structures

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Item #: CST-320
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Add the Pulleys & Cranks module to your Structures base module and students can explore how to make things that will haul, lift, slide, and move up and down, all part of STEAM learning. Students can design hundreds of machines as they solve problems and create amazing inventions. They can even build zip lines that stretch more than 4 feet in length! Includes 25+ free online, standards aligned lessons and activities. This module is intended for use in conjunction with Brackitz Education Structures (CST-320).

Includes: 20 18cm Axle-Splines, 70 Lock Washers/4-Way Hubs, 5 Buckets, 20 12cm Axle-Splines, 30 Lock Washers/3-Way Hubs, 10 Spools, 6 Cranks, 20 Pulleys, 12 Hooks, and 12 58" Strings.

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