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Brackitz Inventor 100 Piece Kit

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Ensures that your masterpiece will be durable and portable.


Brackitz is an award-winning STEM building set that enables you to design and construct any 3D structure you can imagine. Unique "connect-anywhere" pieces easily attach to traditional planks at any angle, allowing builders of all ages to craft everything from small-scale creations to gravity-defying 3D structures with moving parts. Your only limit is your imagination! Perfect for developing creativity and problem-solving skills. Durable, colorful plastic components are made in the USA.

With the 100-piece Inventor Set, larger structures are a snap! This set contains 44 plastic planks, 42 connectors, and 14 rotating pieces. No worries about collapsing creations - the Brackitz system ensures that your masterpiece will be durable and portable. Getting kids involved with science, math, and engineering has never been so easy. No instructions needed - just imagination!

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