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Brackitz Build Big! Simple Machines Pulleys & Wheels 90-Piece Set

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A perfect introduction to the world's most powerful engineering principles.


Release the inner engineer. Our Pulley 90 Set is a perfect introduction to the world's most powerful engineering principles and lays the foundation for future STEM-Learning. This kit is designed specifically for the classroom supporting up 4-6 students at one time. The large pieces are easy for students to build with. Get access to 25+ free online lessons and activities.

This Pulley set includes 4 more tires and which gives more creative freedom than any other pulley sets. Build up to 8 different working real-world contraptions. Our pieces connect anywhere, any time, under any angle. Try it!

This 90 piece set includes 18 four-way connectors, 2 three-way connectors, 1 one-way connector, 18 large planks, 13 small planks, 12 drive buttons, 1 drive spool, 2 pulley assemblies, 1 crank, 1 hook, 1 basket, 4 black tires, 4 drive shafts, and 2 strings.

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