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Brackitz Education Structures

SKU #CST-320
Availability: In Stock
Construct any 3D structure you can imagine.

Brackitz Wheels & Axles

SKU #CST-325
Availability: In Stock
Create simple moving machines, explore STEAM, and more.

Brackitz Pulleys & Cranks

SKU #CST-330
Availability: In Stock
Make things that will haul, lift, slide, and move up and down.

Brackitz Gears, Sprockets, & Chains

SKU #CST-335
Availability: In Stock
Gears and chains (like the ones in bicycles) are simple machines.


Brackitz is an award-winning STEM building set that enables you to design and construct any 3D structure you can imagine. Unique "connect-anywhere" pieces easily attach to traditional planks at any angle, allowing builders of all ages to craft everything from small-scale creations to gravity-defying 3D structures with moving parts. Your only limit is your imagination! Perfect for developing creativity and problem-solving skills. Durable, colorful plastic components are made in the USA.

The 320-piece Set is perfect for the classroom. You'll get 150 plastic planks, 120 connectors, 50 rotating pieces and a 24-page Teacher Activity Guide - all contained in a durable, stackable plastic storage bin with wheels. Students can work on any of the nine engineering activities in the guide or build their own creations. No worries about collapsing creations - the award-winning Brackitz system ensures that your masterpiece will be durable and portable. Getting kids involved with science, math, and engineering has never been so easy!

Also consider these add-ons for the Education Structures Kit: Wheels & Axles, Pulleys & Cranks, and Gears, Sprockets, & Chains.

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Awesome Engineering
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 15, 2019
The Brackitz are an excellent addition to our STEAM Club! Teamwork and collaboration are the focus with these kits. We actually bought 4 kits and combined them for added fun.
Dawn Hardy

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