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Brackitz 204 Piece Mini STEAM Center

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Build replicas of machines like the Archimedes crane, a drawbridge and more!


This wonderfully designed toy has 204 pieces, a reusable plastic container and comes with all of our most popular series: Inventor, Pulleys & Cranks, Wheels & Axles, and Gears, Sprockets, & Chains all in one. All Brackitz pieces work together so your young builder to create a multitude of different projects. It is ideal for any parent wanting to be a creative hero!

The Brackitz! Mini STEAM Center has large planks, connectors, and parts for driving, pulleys, and gears. Brackitz' connect-anywhere design is great for improving fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills.

This 77 piece set includes 17 long blue planks, 9 short blue planks, 6 blue, 6 orange and 6 green 4-way connectors, 8 locking hubs, 2 red 3-way connectors, 10 magenta motion connectors, 2 long and 1 short rod, 1 spool and 1 hook, 1 bucket, 1 crank and 2 strings, and 2 red and 2 yellow pulley bodies.


Classic Inventor Planks and Connectors

We all know that building block toys are fundamental in bringing learning to play and, Brackitz classic building toy planks and connectors allow kids to develop anything they can imagine. STEM education sparks kids' creativity and draws on their natural curiosity with project-based activities - boosting skills in Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Math. Learning about wind-power in school - build a windmill! Crazy for animals? Build a dog, dinosaur, or dragon!

Gears & Sprockets

The Mini STEAM Center is the only Brackitz educational toy for the home that has Gears! With interactive Brackitz STEM kits for kids, they'll learn by doing. Brackitz toy gears allow kids to build, tinker, experiment, and explore while learning to apply the scientific method.


This toy pulley set helps kids learn about mechanical advantage and simple machine. This educational toy for kids lets young children build real-life solutions to real-world problems. Brackitz pulleys set allows little engineers to build replicas of real-world machines and contraptions to gain a concrete understanding of the principles that make them work.


Add wheels, axles, motion, and fun with this toy with wheels! Kids will have an absolute blast building a wild assortment of cool, colorful driving machines that actually move! Want to learn about thrust? Build a race car or dragster.

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