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Bacteria Growing Kit-Classroom

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Item #: BIO-300

Bacteria Growing Kit-Science Fair

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Item #: BIO-310

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Nutrient Agar Powder 25 g

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Item #: BIO-200
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If you are looking to gross out some friends and family (and carry out serious scientific analysis at the same time) you will want to try our bacteria growing kit. It includes everything you need to get started - you just supply water and bacteria (don't worry, it's everywhere.) Perfect for science fair experiments because so many variables can be tested for bacteria growth.

Our Science Fair Kit includes six large (10 cm dia.) plastic Petri dishes, nutrient agar powder, six extra-long wooden shaft cotton swabs, a stirring stick, a plastic beaker, and instructions.

The Classroom Kit contains 20 Petri dishes, agar powder, 20 cotton swabs, stirring stick, and instructions. In the right conditions, the bacteria will usually start growing in four to five days.

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