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Backyard Brains DIY Neuroprosthetic Kit

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Students can build cyborg hands they can control with their nervous system!


Neuroprosthetics are cutting-edge biomedical devices that bring ability back to people's lives who have suffered neurological illness or physical injury. They also have the potential to enhance human ability as this technology develops in the future! With this kit, students can build their own neuroprosthetic "cyborg hands", which they can then control with the electrical activity of their nervous system!

It plugs into, and thus requires, any kit that includes a Muscle SpikerShield, like the Muscle SpikerBox, Claw Bundle, or Human-Human Interface!

This kit is a powerful, hands-on way to teach many cross-cutting concepts, like anatomy, physiology, engineering, biology, and of course neuroscience! Students can better understand how their nerves, muscles, tendons, and pulleys work together to control their hands. Students will be the engineer, designing a real prosthetic, and then brainstorm ways that this tool and this technology could literally help people.

Includes materials for five students to build their own DIY Neuroprosthetics: 5x foam hands (variety colors), 5x sheets of balsa wood, 5x servo motors, 5x lengths of thread, 5x pencils, 10x colored straws (variety colors).

This lab is designed with the intent that the student will keep and take-home their cyborg hand after building it. It is not intended for students to disassemble and rebuild. This kit is designed to offer a modular way to outfit classes of different sizes with all the materials needed to perform the experiment. It is also a "refill pack", for educators who want multiple classes, or students every year, to build their own neuroprosthetics.


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