Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream

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Case of 100 Astronaut Ice Creams

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In space no one can hear ice cream! These specially preserved ice creams are freeze-dried and require no refrigeration. Just open and eat! Each individually wrapped ice cream comes in a package that describes the freeze-drying process. A yummy way to discuss air pressure, phase changes, and vaporization.

This is an example of the actual type of food carried into space on NASA missions. In fact, this style of Astronaut ice cream actually went into space on several space shuttle missions! Your students will love tasting it! Make Astronaut foods a part of your next space science lesson.

Three flavors in each package. Long shelf life (2 years!). Fracturing into pieces is normal and makes it easier to share. Give small samples, and five packages are enough for an entire class to try!