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Alana's Animals

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Help children understand many principles of mathematics.


Alana's Animals is an early years math game designed and developed by award-winning games designer, Matthew Tidbury, creator of ThinkNoodle Games and Darrell Ottery from Eclectic Games. Alana's Animals is not only a game, it's a powerful math resource that supports the National Curriculum and can be used in many ways to help improve numeracy in younger or less confident children.

Playing Alana's Animals helps children develop an understanding of quantities and number magnitude, number recognition, rational counting and subitising. Text on the cards also uses a range of math vocabulary used throughout math education, while also teaching children the concept of zero. The game also works with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum and beyond.

During the many months of development and playtesting, many people helped to refine and improve the game including National Numeracy, Cambridge Mathematics, NRICH, nursery teachers, EYFS teachers, and math tutor as well as gamers, and of course, children too!

Type of Game: Card Matching, Sequencing

Ages: 4+ Players: 2 - 4 Time: 10 mins

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