Aero Copter

Pack of 12 Aero Copters

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Item #: AIR-222
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Catapult the Aero Copter into the sky with the rubber band launcher, and watch it fly! When the Aero Copter reaches maximum height, its blades open, and it spins back down to the ground, with the LED light illuminating its descent. Best flown at night. 12/pkg. Colors may vary.

Locate the two white lines on each fin and crease outward along the lines. Each crease should be about 45 degrees.

Depress the button on the LED light box.

Hold the circular tab of the Aero Copter with one hand and, with the other hand, attach the rubber band to the hook on the front of the Aero Copter.

Point the launcher upward, away from all objects. Pull the Aero Copter so it stretches the rubber band launcher and then release the Aero Copter flies into the sky. When it reaches its maximum height, the Aero Copter will spin downward to the ground.

Warning: Point the Aero Copter only toward the open sky!