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Kids Making Sense Advanced Air Quality Curriculum

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Advanced curriculum for AP and honors high school students.


The Kids Making Sense® Advanced Curriculum is the perfect addition to the standard curriculum for honors and AP classes.

Each activity in the Advanced Curriculum has been designed to expand on an activity in the Standard Curriculum. As such, many of the core concepts are introduced in the Standard Curriculum and build the foundation for successfully completing the Advanced Curriculum activities. With this advanced level add-on, students can dive deeper into complex topics.

The lesson topics include:
  • Scale and parts per million
  • Explaining an experiment as a narrative
  • How is air pollution regulated?
  • Sources in your community
  • Data analysis and visualizing data
  • Air pollution and disproportionate burden
  • How does PM affect the view?
  • What is in our air?
  • Effective science communication
  • A case for change
  • Air quality action

The below table outlines the topics covered in the advanced curriculum and how they align with the topics covered in the standard AQ curriculum.


The second table shows the Next Generation Science Standard and Common Core standard alignment of each module in the advanced curriculum.

AC Table

This product does not qualify for free shipping.


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