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Tape-O-Tronics Craft Box

SKU #OHM-120
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Blend simple electronics with imaginative cardboard crafting!


Get ready for a creative adventure with LEDs! This versatile set blends simple electronics with imaginative cardboard crafting, offering an all-inclusive experience. Inside the box, you'll discover everything needed to complete four exciting projects, along with additional electronic components to inspire your own creations! Each project involves connecting electronic components using conductive copper tape--yes, you heard it right, soldering is optional! You have the flexibility to either tape or solder the components for connectivity. The components include a battery, a resistor, and one or more LEDs in various colors. The manual features illustrated instructions and straightforward explanations in five languages. All you need are scissors, pliers, and some glue to get started on your crafting journey.

The first two projects (A & B) are space-themed cards with LEDs that will light up once finished. The third project (C) is a cube that holds 3 RGB LEDs. These LEDs will shine different colors in multiple effects. Fold and pin the cube together et voila! Lastly, you can convert the Whadda box into a lightbox by cutting your own unique design in the lid. Add the electronics and enjoy your own creation.

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