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Paper Airplanes--Flinn STEM Design Challenge™

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Grasp the fundamentals of paper airplane design


Witness student engagement skyrocket in this exhilarating design challenge! Each student begins by crafting a basic paper airplane and exploring the impact of various modifications. Once they grasp the fundamentals of paper airplane design, teams are tasked with creating a new toy paper airplane for FlinnToy. Can they engineer a flyer capable of traveling long distances while carrying a load? Working within a budget, teams must strategically select materials and devise an optimal design to meet the specified criteria. As weights are added and materials evolve, students must adapt their designs to ensure prolonged and stable flights. Whose creation will FlinnToy select?

Student excitement will reach new heights as they delve into the principles of flight during this engaging activity. Suitable for 30 students paired up, tape measures are necessary and available separately.

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