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Create a Mobile--Flinn STEM Design Challenge™

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Introducing the Create a Mobile--Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ for physical science and physics! This activity seamlessly integrates art with science and engineering concepts, infusing STEAM into your STEM curriculum.


Infuse your STEM curriculum with some STEAM! Incorporate art into science and engineering concepts with this innovative activity. The lab kicks off with an introductory exercise where students explore the law of levers by balancing varying numbers of washers on opposite ends of a ruler. These findings guide students in designing a three-tiered mobile. Once they select a theme for their mobile and construct the objects to be balanced, students weigh each object and predict the center of gravity for each level. After sketching their design, construction begins! Will the mobile achieve perfect equilibrium? As students address sources of error and make necessary adjustments, they engage in additional learning. Before long, your classroom will showcase marvelous amalgamations of science, technology, engineering, art, and math! Designed for 30 students working in groups of three. A support stand and ring clamp are recommended for each group and available separately.

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