5eBoard Level 3: Ohm's Law, Resistive and Capacitive Circuit

5eBoard Level 3: Ohm's Law, Resistive and Capacitive Circuit

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Third in a three-part series designed to help young minds explore modern electronics. This is an ideal STEM education material for K-12 students, summer science camps, homeschool, or after-school programs. Level 3 is intended for 10 to 15 hours study time. Kit includes all the components and instructions necessary for carrying out experiments and projects. Working through Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, students can quickly grasp the fundamental concepts in physics, math, and engineering, and use their new knowledge to solve real-world problems. All DIY projects and hands-on experiments employ the 5eBoard platform and reusable parts. No soldering involved.

Level 3 Contents
3.1 Ohm's Law
3.2 Resistance in Series Connection
3.3 Resistance in Parallel Connections
3.4 Currents, Voltages and Resistances in DC Circuits
3.5 Capacitors and Capacitance
3.6 Charge and Discharge Capacitors
3.7 How to Read the Capacitance of a Capacitor
3.8 Use Capacitors as Rechargeable Power Sources
3.9 Capacitors in Series and Parallel Connections
3.10 Resistor and Capacitor Circuits – RC Time Constant

Prerequisites: This level requires the knowledge of Level 1-2 of this series or the equivalent and 3rd grade math and science.
Required tools and supplies (not included): two AAA (or AA) batteries

Each kit includes all electronic components and materials necessary for carrying out the experiments and projects designed for the level (except for batteries).

Short Description:
  • Prerequisites: Level 1-2 of this series; 3rd grade math and science
  • Includes all electronic components and materials
  • No soldering is involved; all parts are reusable
  • Includes a study book (online download)