Wall Coaster

Wall Coaster

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Item #: MAR-600

Wall Coaster Stunt Kit

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Item #: MAR-615

Wall Coaster Deluxe Pack

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Original Wall Coaster and Stunt Kit
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Wall Coaster Stairs

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Includes Wall Tack and 2 Marbles
Item #: MAR-630
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The Wall Coaster is NOT your ordinary marble run!

Just stick it to the wall and let your imagination soar and your marble drop! The Wall Coaster uses the basic laws of physics and gravity to enable hours of fun and imaginative play. The Wall Coaster comes standard with over 16 feet of track and tubes and 8 marbles! Plus, it is super easy to use. Recommended for ages five to adult.

Simply take out the track and tubes from the package and affix two small pieces of coaster tack (similar to standard reusable poster putty) to the back of the desired pieces and press onto the wall. By trial and error you will learn which configurations work and which don't - this is part of the fun! So many variations, you can almost lose your marbles!

Caution - contains small balls - not suitable for Children under 3.

What makes the Wall Coaster different: All other regular marble runs are built from the ground up like a building and only include a few feet of track. The Wall Coaster is different! It is not about the number of pieces but the length of track. With the Wall Coaster you get OVER 16 FEET in one kit! Colors may vary.

Because of the unique design, you can create exciting side-by-side marble races using the same parts!

Each kit comes with the following parts:
Five 4" coaster tracks
Fifteen 10" coaster tracks
Four 6" coaster tubes
Four coaster retention bands
Four specially designed lightweight crystal marbles
One package of reusable non-marking coaster tack
Four BONUS Glow in the Dark marbles

Stunt Kit Includes: Extra track (7 long pieces, 3 medium pieces, and 10 short pieces), 2 pieces of tubing, 4 marbles, coaster tack, and several new shapes to make great new wall coasters!