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Kids' Science Club
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Whether you're in the classroom or teaching remotely, teachers have plenty to do these days. That's why we're making the Kids' Science Club even easier for you and your students.

Our club for grades 1-8 is an awesome way to bring science home... and earn free STEM materials for your classroom. It's a chance to improve your students' science literacy and engage their parents with kid-friendly home science projects. Every order earns you Extra Credit Points you can use to shop our site. Plus, every participating student will receive a free gift!

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Here's how it works:

Sign up for our Kids' Science Club program below.

We will email you a link to our latest student flier, which you can share with your students' families. We've even created a letter introducing parents and caretakers to the club.

If you'd like to place a single order for your class, choose a due date for forms and payment to be returned to you. Then simply compile your Master Order Form and submit your order to us by phone, mail, or online. Remember to let us know how many students placed orders, so we can send them a free gift!

If you'd prefer for parents to place their own orders, be sure to tell them to include YOUR NAME and YOUR SCHOOL NAME with their order, so we can credit your account with Extra Credit Points.

It's an easy, convenient way for your students to enjoy science at home... and for you to earn Extra Credit Points to bring free STEM materials into your classroom. There is no obligation to you or your students. Join us today!

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Participation in the Kids' Science Club is limited to classrooms within the contiguous United States.