Air Quality Kits

Kids Making Sense® Air Quality Kits teach students how to measure air pollution using low-cost air quality sensors, how to interpret the data they collect, and ways they can take action to reduce emissions and exposure to air pollution.

Kids Making Sense kits include a hand-held particle sensor(s), smart phone(s), Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, access to the Kids Making Sense data-visualization website, and support via email and phone. The Small Group Kit and the Classroom Kit also include materials for hands-on science activities which allow for sharing between classrooms each year.

The Teacher's Guide includes information to help instructors lead students through the modules. It also includes a table to assist with standards alignment, answers to questions posed in the Student Workbook, suggested class discussion questions, cautions, and adjustments. Additionally, it explains how to tailor the program for the amount of time you have available and the class level you are teaching.
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